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WHEEL (Welfare, HealthCare, Education, Energy and Livelihood) Services.

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WHEEL Services

 Welfare  Healthcare Education Energy Livelihood
Poonch Health Care Home Academy Energy Jammu and Kashmir
Pir Panjal School 24×7 Power Districts
Jammu Poonch  College Constituency
Chenab Valley University Gurjar Bhawan
Udhampur Kathua Kashmir 2 Kanyakumari
Voice of the Weak Advisers
Social Audit Muslim


Job Card wise MNREGA Beneficiaries of J&K

Click on your State and then Select Financial Year/ Your District/ Block/ Panchayat and Proceed. You would reach List of Job Cards holders of your Panchayat. Click on Job Card No. to see Job Card, Name of work done and amount drawn for the beneficiaries of card holder for each financial year so far including payment due as on date if any.

Green: Job Card With Photograph And Employment availed
Gray:Job Card With Photograph and no Employment availed
SunFlower:Job Card Without Photograph and Employment availed
Red:Job Card Without Photograph and no Employment availed


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